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The Great Aurora, Colorado Gun Debate

Recently, the Arapahoe County (Colorado) District Attorney George Brauchler and the Aurora Sentinel editor Dave Perry found the time to write opposing Editorials in Dave's Newspaper (in George's county).    Their subject was the 2012 Theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

I've decided to post large quotes from both public figures, if only to illustrate the margin of difference between the Liberal Editor and the Conservative D.A.

(Note: The quotes have been edited slightly to improve readability; no part of either statement has been edited in content.)
Due to the length of the comments, I've inserted a page break between the quotes for those who don't want to read a LONG post.

PERRY: Common sense, facts and hope refute DA Brauchler's gun-law claim and Nugent's nuttery - Aurora Sentinel:  

Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler is the smart and affable Aurora DA who helped convict James Holmes for the Aurora theater shooting murders and assaults. Brauchler is now running for governor.
He nearly won a death sentence against the sadistic and hopelessly mentally ill Holmes for murdering 12 people five years ago on July 20.  ...  The anniversary of the grisly massacre coincided with the regular meeting last week of the politically rightest of the right, the Western Conservative Summit in Denver. In a straw poll, Brauchler won the group’s endorsement for governor in 2018. He came out on top among other conservative hopefuls in part because of his remarks about gun laws.  
Brauchler said — in the shadow of the anniversary of one of the worst gun-massacres in the history of the United States — that there is no gun law he’s heard of that could have prevented the Aurora theater shooting.   
 Now I know full well that Brauchler is just pandering to the gun set when he says things like that, even if he means it. It’s no different than Democrat gubernatorial candidates telling teachers they’ll help keep the union strong — except teachers don’t kill nearly as many people as do guns.

See Brauchler Quote Below:

BRAUCHLER: Neither Perry nor Australia have the answer to American gun violence - Aurora Sentinel:

During an earlier conversation about the need for new gun laws which might prevent an Aurora-like mass shooting, someone once said, “Certainly, we can try, and I’m sure we will try to create some checks and balances on those things, but this is an act of evil … And you know, if it wasn’t one weapon, it would have been another.”  That same someone said further, “If there were no assault weapons available, and no this or that [available], this guy is going to find something, right. He is going to know how to create a bomb….”
Later, responding to questions about whether purchases could be limited and tracked, that ultra-conservative responded with “I’m not sure there is any way in a free society to be able to do that…” 
Those quotes were not a “sophomoric faux-fight” from someone Perry describes as a “gun-nutter.” 
 They were said by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper talking to CNN’s national audience on July 22, 2012…yep, two days after the Aurora massacre.
Remember the Sentinel’s editorial excoriating Hickenlooper for such statements?
Me neither. 
However, after reading Perry’s current editorial, I recognize that I should have said there are no “constitutional” gun laws which would have prevented the evil events of that day more than five years ago. Neither of the two laws passed in the aftermath of the Aurora and Sandy Hook would have prevented the evil of July 20, 2012.
The law limiting magazine capacity to 15 rounds only served to drive then-Colorado based Magpul and its employees to Wyoming. This feel-good law would have done nothing to prevent the Aurora massacre.  That evil guy brought 700 rounds and numerous magazines to the theater that night.
A smaller magazine capacity would have resulted in him only bringing more magazines to shoot those he believed to be helpless.  As for expanding background checks to include private gun transactions, that evil guy purchased four separate weapons from licensed gun dealers and passed every background check.
Perry suggests more new laws, like forcing anyone who tries to buy a firearm, including a domestic violence victim seeking to protect herself from an ex-boyfriend, to endure a mental health evaluation.  Aside from the unconstitutionality of this invasive Big Brother procedure, Perry is wrong when he states “it would have been pretty certain that [the theater shooter] would have flunked” such an evaluation.
The theater shooter intentionally and successfully misled two experienced CU psychiatrists with whom he had several sessions spanning a couple months.  In the journal he mailed to his psychiatrist to flaunt how he had fooled her, he wrote, “Can’t tell the [psychiatrists] plan. If plan is disclosed, both ‘normal’ life and ideal enactment on hatred foiled. Prevent building false sense of rapport … deflect incriminating statements.” He said similar things to each of the two court-appointed forensic psychiatrists who found him sane. The jury agreed … beyond a reasonable doubt.

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