Sunday, July 30, 2017

Folding Glock

Full Conceal's Folding Glock Akin To Magpul's FMG9 - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog:

 Full Conceal had a prototype of their concept back at SHOT Show 2017. Pete posted about it here. Their original concept was a cut down Glock frame and the remaining grip/magazine would lock onto the frame making the pistol a rectangular brick. You would have to remove the grip/magazine and insert it into the gun to make it into a complete pistol.
You'll have to visit The Firearm Blog to see the pictures (and also a very short video) demonstrating the concept.   Personally, I'm a 1911 Slob  Snob  so I try not to show Glock pictures here .... even when they look like a Klein bottle as an Embryo, or something that came out WRONG in the Starship Enterprise Transport Bay 3.

Or ... like this:

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Anonymous said...

Glock Perfection, says it all.