Friday, August 04, 2017

Shall Not Comply

"I Will Not Comply" isn't a catch-phrase.  It's a warning.

The Bloviating Fat Men from Seattle got their come-upence this week, and all True Citizens of the Constitution are laughing at their Hubris.

Seattle Spent More Defending Gun-Tax Lawsuit Than It Collected in Revenue From Tax, Gun Group Claims - Washington Free Beacon:
The city of Seattle spent more to defend a lawsuit against its gun tax than it gathered in revenue from the tax, a gun-rights group claimed on Friday. King County Superior Court Judge Lori K. Smith ruled in favor of the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) on Friday in a Public Records Act suit over Seattle's refusal to disclose the exact amount of revenue collected through their "gun violence tax." The gun-rights group filed suit after the city refused to fulfill a public record request from Dave Workman, editor of SAF-owned The group said the real revenue numbers revealed in court documents appear to fall short of the city's projections.
Apparently, Seattle thought that "I Will Not Comply" was nothing more than a threat of passive resistance.

The "City Fathers" (and a more mordant bunch of Maroons have not recently been found) thought that they could arbitrarily tax a Constitutional Right to death, and their citizens would roll over, uttering only meek objections.

They didn't expect that a citizens' group would actual sue their arrogant asses into infinity.

Thanks to Dave Workman and his Second Amendment Foundation crew, there was no need for a Malheur-Crew of protesters to endure prison and risk death in the process; a simple legal requirement seemed adequate to prove that the anti-gun politicians were just blowing smoke.

Politicians have no sand.

What they DO have is monumental egos, which allows them to convince themselves that they can make any laws which catch their fancy, and their subjects constituents have no alternative but to roll over and say "Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?"

We can only hope that this serves notice to other unscrupulous politicians (are there any other kinds?) that Americans are serious about this whole "Shall Not Be Abridged" thingie.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot this archaic warning:

What a bunch of maroons.

Oh .. and Thanks, Dave and Crew; from all of us to all of you.


Mark said...

While Portland is stupidly liberal, our sister city to the north is the poster child.

Jerry The Geek said...

I'm sure it's due the limitations of the commenting page that you declined to mention San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernadino, San Francisco ... et al.

Mark said...

Jerry those are in Kalifornia and are a foregone conclusion. Plus that is a foreign country, isn't it?