Friday, August 04, 2017

"Gun Safety" vs "Gun Control"

When Liberals get all worked up about guns, they don't focus on the gangsters; they focus on the law-abiding firearms owners.  Why?  Because they know we're safe ... and we can be identified because the liberal Gun Registration Laws are focusing on US!

Wisc. Democrats: Gun Safety Course 'Inappropriate' for High Schoolers - Breitbart:
Rep. Sondy Pope (D-Dist. 80) opposes the gun safety courses for high schoolers. She says the bill to create the course is bad because nothing in it “prohibits students from hiding ammunition in their bags and loading their guns in the school.” 
Liberals (Democrats, almost universally ) claim that when they espouse "Common Sense Gun Control", they are concerned about safety.  They seem to believe that when a "normal person" is presented with a firearm, something goes sick in their heads.   (See the movie "Blue Steel".)

But when presented by a plan to teach firearms safety to teenagers ... something goes sick in their heads.    They can't get past the awful images of Things Which May Go Terribly Wrong, and they focus on the worst possible consequences of allowing the Stupid American Electorate ("after all .. they voted for me; how smart can they be?")  to exercise their Constitutional Rights*.

Thus we come to the irrationality of Rep. Sondy Pope (D-DIST. 80) who worries that, if high schoolers are 'allowed' to take a firearms safety course, they may go stark raving mad and shoot up their school.   She apparently thinks there should be something in the bill to make it illegal to shoot up a school.  "There, that's fixed!"
(Note to Rep. Pope:  and this would be different from the alternatives .. how?    I note that in that list of 101 school shootings, only 35 of them occurred in American schools.  Which is too many, granted.  But considering that America has the most guns per population, you would think that such a Wild West culture would dominate the list more definitively.)

*(Yes, it's in the Constitution.  But those old guys ... what did they know about how America would look in 200 years?   They knew enough to foretell that idiots may would be elected to Congress.)\

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Anonymous said...

Liberal democrats do not trust the general population. They themselves are not trustworthy, so they believe everyone else in untrustworthy.