Friday, June 30, 2017

Are deaths caused by doctors in hospitals more common than gun deaths?

How do you categorize a murder scene IN a hospital BY a doctor WITH a gun?

Gunman and woman dead, 6 people hurt in shooting inside Bronx hospital in New York City | SOUTH BRONX, New York City -- Police said a gunman and a woman are dead, and six other people were injured after a shooting inside a New York City hospital Friday.
This was a horrible thing to happen, it's difficult to determine how it could have been prevented.

And at the same time, it's sure to skew some statistics.

People have been comparing statistics about death for years, and (besides toddlers drowning themselves in a bucket of water, and other 'swimming' and 'falling" categories)   the Big Three seem to be guns, hospitals/doctors, and car wrecks.

Okay, that's four.  Let's eliminate the factor which isn't related: automobile accidents (which often lead to hospital visits, but let's not go there. Okay?

Police said a former employee at that hospital -- identified as 45-year-old Dr. Henry Bello -- opened fire with an assault rifle, injuring six people on the 16th floor.
(Might I mention that the firearm used, an AR15, is not actually an "Assault Rifle" .. unless you're a Liberal Journalist?  And that I just raised the question about whether there are journalists who are not Liberals ... thereby adding one more needless complication?)

The Doctor vs The Redneck
How is "Doctor" more morally acceptable than "Bubba"

I don't much care for statistics (or lies, or damn lies) so I'm not going to make much of the question.

EXCEPT to say that we, as a society, hold Doctors to the highest regard where "Professionals" (College Educated To A Trade) are concerned.  We don't expect much from Lawyers, and they don't give us much.  Shrug

But when the people --- who have supposedly dedicated their professional lives to a Socratic oath --- go off on binge-murders, there's something more seriously wrong here than when Bubba says "Hey, Y'all!  Watch This!" just before he kills seriously damages himself in front of a camera.

At least Bubba lacks the moral turpitude to deliberately slaughter his friends and co-workers in a rit of felous jage ... sorry that's an Inspector Clouseau moment
No, I don't think that Doctors kill people more often than Bubba.

But we will never know, will we?
 "What happens in the Operating Room Stays In The Operating Room"!

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