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Australian Gun Confiscation: "It's Complicated"

NRA-ILA | Nationwide Firearms Turn-in Not Enough for Australia’s Gun Haters:

I had to read this latest article several times to get the sense of it.  In the end, it DID make sense .. in a sort of Alice in Wonderland manner of speaking ... but it still reeks of governmental arbitraryism:

Unlike the confiscatory scheme that followed Australia’s 1996 National Firearms Agreement, which banned most ownership of semi-automatic and pump action rifles and shotguns, the 2017 amnesty is not coupled to any new restrictions on the types of firearms an individual may own. Further, under the current amnesty, firearm owners will not receive any compensation for the firearms they relinquish.
To participate in the amnesty, gun owners will have to bring their unregistered firearms to a drop-off point designated by state and territorial authorities. In an improvement over the 1997 confiscatory turn-in, gun owners in many cases will be able to choose the final disposition of their unregistered firearms. 

In other words, it's not so much that the firearms are being confiscated because they are "bad" per se; it's that they have not been registered!   Therefore, they must be confiscated.
"Hi, you're Alice?  I'm the White Rabbit and I'm going to make everything just PERFECT for you, and ALL will be returned to the way it was before you fell into the Rabbit Hole. 
 Of course, it's not ...  going ...  to ...  come ...  to ...  you ...  for ...  free ......

These guys are serious about registering EVERY firearms; unregistered firearms are BAD not because they are BAD GUNS but because they have NOT BEEN REGISTERED!

But wait!  There's a "Good Side"!
An individual that has an irrational animus towards guns can choose to have their former firearm destroyed. Those turning in firearms eligible to enter the lawful stream of commerce may also be able to sell the firearm to a licensed dealer. Firearms license holders who turn over a firearm they are eligible to own will be allowed to register and retain possession of their gun. Of course, given Australian history, some gun owners might prove justifiably reluctant to make the government aware of their unregistered arms, lest they be targeted in some future confiscation effort.
So .. they can "turn over" (GIVE?) their gun to a dealer, and then "retain possession of their gun" later.  RIght?  It looks really good on paper, but it doesn't look good on Video?

Of course, that 'retain possession of their gun" thingie ain't free.  But then .. neither  are you.  They've taken your guns, so what are you going to do.  Whine?  Be a little bitch?  No ... just Bend over and beg for it.  We OWN you!"

The guns which are not BAD but are UNREGISTERED must be confiscated.  Without compensation.   But then the guns can go onto the open market .. and can the owners then redeem the firearms from the dealer?

Well .. yes.  They can BUY their guns (back) from the dealer.  You know, those dealers who have paid the Government (elected) who confiscated the guns, without compensation to the original owners; but the dealers will receive full compensation from the buyers (previous owners).
You know; the guys who have no choice in the matter at all, because "Government".

The people they elected" government.  The servants of the people.
Is this the image that our politicians see for us?

(What?  They just got their guns stolen by the government and are then permitted to BUY  them back?  How gracious of the government which they voted into office to steal their stuff "without any compensation"), and then allow them to buy it back!)
Yes.  That government.  You expect better from American Government?
[To learn more about the details of Australia’s National Firearms Amnesty, including the specific rules for each state and territory, visit]
Here's The Good News:
....the entire Australian Plan is a piece of crap, and everyone knows it.
To continue:
In the U.S., researchers and gun rights advocates have long agreed that turn-ins are ineffective policy. This fact is not lost on all Australian politicians. Liberal Democrat Senator from New South Wales David Leyonjelm, recently said of the 2017 amnesty, “It’s purely for appearance purposes. It won’t do anything to address guns on the street, they’ll end up with grandma’s rusty old shotgun or rifle. Which was never going to be used in crime in the first place.”

This is the "Australian Plan" which Hillary, in November of last year (2016) proposed as "Something we should look into

 (Or if not an exact quote, is close enough for government work.  Her government.)

Okay, I've done my bit. I told the story, took the side-streets, trolled the alleys and hinted at federal crankiness which might be echoed by our government as much as has been by the Australian government ... the folks we reckoned to be fair cobbers.  Until now.

What you do with it is your business,
Me?  I'm going to sleep now.  Pleasant dreams!

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