Monday, May 23, 2016

Larry Elder Observations

36 Reasons to Stop Me Before I Tweet Again - Larry Elder:
1) "Political correctness" is just a fancy term for not telling the truth.
 2) Obama says he wants "mandatory" voting, as it is in Australia. Voter ID is "unduly burdensome" -- but forcing people to vote is not?!
 3) Obama says with "mandatory" voting, "You start getting 70-80 percent voting rates." Still not as high as the voting rates for dead people in Chicago!
 4) Democrats, the "party of freedom," want mandatory health insurance, mandatory employer-paid leave, mandatory minimum wage and mandatory voting.
 5) If illegals-turned-new-citizens would likely vote 80 percent GOP, instead of 80 percent Democrat, government would've sealed the borders tighter than a clam's behind.
 6) Government freebies eventually anger both those who pay and those who demand, "Where's mine?"
There are more Conservative Comments, follow the link.

I use to listen to Larry Elder on the radio, but radio in Oregon is "iffy" at best and not terribly conservative at worse.  Besides, I didn't like his debate style ... he wasn't as good "off the cuff" as he is when he has had time to think it through.   (Which is why I offered the contents of this think piece.)

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