Saturday, May 28, 2016

But ... guns are ILLEGAL in England!

 Reading the comments of the British Press,  they wonder why President Obama can't just make it illegal to own guns in America, this solving the Crime Problem.  The Brits are gleefully eager to point out the mayhem of Gun Violence in America, but their skirts are not so clean.

 Brits are discovering that when guns are outlawed, only criminals will have guns.    This is no longer just a passe "Ami" saying  now.  Even the average Limey is begging their own guv to "do something" in a society where it's illegal for them to resist home invasions with lethal force .... and privately wishing they had their own firearms instead of that ridiculous paring knife.

But the Bobbys are listening, and they've found a way to 'make things all better':

Police to offer rewards to criminals who reveal where guns are hidden:
Martin Evans, crime correspondent 25 MAY 2016 • 6:28PM

Scotland Yard is to offer cash rewards of up to  2,000 [pounds] to criminals in a bid to reduce the number of guns on the streets following a worrying rise in shootings over the past three months. Informants who tell the police where illegal weapons are located will be able to collect the reward providing the information leads to an arrest and prosecution.
 Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police justified the scheme insisting “this is the about getting the guns off the streets”. The initiative follows a spike in shootings across the capital since the beginning of the year with 122 weapons being discharged resulting in 62 people being injured and two killed.
Really?   Sixty-Two Victims in five months in a single city?

Well, it's not Baltimore (or Chicago or Cleveland or Detroit or ....) but it's A Start.

And WHY won't the Brits allow their own citizens to be armed?
Because there would be MORE Brits shot!

That a lot of those Brits shot would be the vicious predators probably doesn't escape them,
But British leaders are well aware. that if they allowed honest people to own firearms, there would still be Dead Brits; and even though that would think the ranks of career criminals, it would be political suicide.

They, like politicians everywhere, would rather see honest citizens slaughtered than to be the politico who granted them the right to self defense.

Why British Citizens aren't railing at their leadership is beyond me.

Oh.  Sorry, I forgot.
They're not Citizens ... they're "Subjects".

You know, like American Liberals want US to be.

(Oh, and BTW ... about the "Gun Buy-Back" schemes;   They don't work.)

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