Monday, May 23, 2016

Farnam: "And you thought the 20th Century was bad!"

A friend of mine subscribes to John Farnam's  DTIQUIPS email list and forwards his daily notes to me.   It's a way to get the word out, which is important to many of us.

The topics vary, but in the context of the NRA Annual Meeting  the latest issue provided some content which I felt to be especially pertinent:

This afternoon, it was my honor to attend a sage and fiery lecture from my  long-time friend and colleague, Lt Col Dave Grossman.  Lecture hall was  jammed.  Standing-room only.  Dave’s uncanny ability to capture the attention of an audience is something the rest of us only dream about! Dave talked passionately, and with eminent authority, about the current  world situation, and the news is not good, as you might imagine.  Dave  encouraged us all to go armed, as armed teachers, parents, cops, and other good guys is the only proven deterrent to terrorist attacks.  Terrorists are  coming after our children, just as they do in Israel, and someone has to be  constantly in a position to skillfully and unconditionally protect them, with gunfire when necessary.  Welcome to the 21st Century. And, you thought the 20 Century was bad! Conversely, HRCs recent pseudo-sanctimonious pronouncement that “... no  problem was ever solved with a gun” are the words of a naive clown, and an  arrogant, self-serving twit.  

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And adding, in the words of The Colonel:
"There aren't many problems that you can't fix,
with seven-hundred dollars and a thirty-ought six."

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