Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Don't shoot at me. I take it personally.

Unsafe or Good Training? - The Firearm Blog:
 I don’t think blasting off rounds at your feet is a valid training tool.
I agree,

 (see the link to view the video .. I don't have the patience to work through the technical crap needed to embed the video.).

If someone shoots at me (or in the near vicinity of my precious lily-white body) I don't have time to think it through, I'll shoot the fucker.

Which is probably a good argument for me to NOT sign up for this kind if "extreme training".

I'm not saying that the people who sign up for this kind of "training" are Desk Jockeys or Weekend Warriors who don't have the perspective or experience to understand when they are physically threatened for the sake of "training", I'm just saying that the assholes who are shooting full-automatic rounds in the face of their students are unsafe and full of hubris;  they assume that they will never have an accident (a rock in the ground which they haven't found, and a round bounces into the face of a student?).

That's not part of their syllabus.

Maybe.   Or maybe they're just willing to accept the risk.  Wanna bet that they have a lawyer who has written an iron-clad  disclaimer which prevents the students and their family, etc. from every suing them for the consequences of an 'accidental discharge'?????

In reference to the "instructors", and at the risk of repeating myself:  Fuck 'em.  They're a bunch of arrogant assholes who believe that they will NEVER make a mistake.

(Yes, this may be acceptable in training an elite military attachment, but it is entirely unsuitable for a civilian training course.  Because I said so, that's why!)

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