Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pat McNamara on Range Theatrics

Surprising even myself, I rather appreciate the droll reality of this video.

I've always thought there was something just a little bit ... wrong ... with the "check your three o'clock and nine o'clock" drill, but I never knew what it was (except it seemed a bit ostentatious).

So when I found a reference toe the P.McN.... series, I viewed it with no expectations except that I couldn't get to sleep and maybe this would help my insomnia.

Hmmm ... no.  It's more interesting than that,  Not EXCITING ... but certainly more reasonable:

Pat McNamara on Range Theatrics - YouTube: Published on Sep 16, 2015

So maybe I won't be drowsy for a while yet, as I go check out some of the other (short, but informative) instructional videos in the series.

 For more from Pat McNamara, check out his instructional video, Make Ready with Pat McNamara: Carbine TAPS


Anonymous said...

The 9-3 stare scoping out the situation is very tacticool and impressive to watch. It and other range theatrics have always impressed me. I still cannot eject a round and catch it in mid air. Theatrics help make IPSC/USPSA the great sport that it is.
Just Call Me Anon

Mark said...

After 30 years of RO'ing I still snicker when I see this. I used to think it was "cop training" until some cops set me straight. Now I think "oh wow, he went to (fill in the blank) training, snicker"

Anonymous said...

When Pat speaks regarding shooting and firearms, people should listen.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the range theatrics are more fun to watch, tnan gut shooting carp.