Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stop the rage --- mine!

I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of Geek Rants against all the proposed restrictions on firearms ownership.

ALL of my most recent articles were written in outrage, and I'm not as comfortable with 'outrage' as I probably seem to most of you.

If you read my 'stuff' at all, you most likely already know my views.  Those opinions have been repeated on so many other internet sources, you most likely have already heard it all before.  There's nothing new for me to contribute.

I had originally intended to say this much, and stop.  But thanks to my friend The G-Man, I've been pointed to a video by a young woman, titled "You Can't Ban Evil".

She is much more focused on the crux of the issue than I am.  She says more, and is more enlightening, than all the words I've used in the past month.

Just ... take a look at this very short video.  It won't convince anyone who isn't already convinced, but it's an excellent summary of ALL the reasons why it would be a crime for our government (local, state or federal) to impose crippling restrictions on our Constitutional Right  (and need!) to keep and bear arms.

Ain't she cool?


Anonymous said...

She is simply preaching to the choir. From and opposing view, why would you ever want to use guns aganist government? Only good flows from government, it should never be resisted or opposed.

Rivrdog said...

Who is her or your audience, sir?

Getting into the gestalt of gun control may seem to be the point, but to most of the readership, it's navel-gazing that will only result in a discussion of navel-lint.

We started to lose this battle with the coming of age of the Boomer Generation, the first really self-centered generation which has gone the distance, being self-centered from birth to old age. Of course, the Boomers gave us even worse generations, measured by a yardstick of solid human values.

Nope, we can't go back, because we have gone "all-in" for weakness. There just aren't enough citizens with the old, solid values to form a base for the reset we need.

How will the end come? It's not important to know whether the world will end with a bang or a whimper, because that end is now set in stone and cannot be changed.

For the history book, should you care to write it, the world started to end with Hiroshima, when "all those lives were saved". That sudden, push-button end to the epic but cathartic (for our society) struggle of WW2 implanted within us an insatiable demand, nay, REQUIREMENT, that all such struggles have happy, push-button endings.

It's not in the nature of human interaction for things to end this way, so the entire planet now leads an unnatural, un-karmic life.

All that remains for us, my friend, is to choose our personal endings. Do we just wait for the inevitable, or do we analyze the end game and offer conflict of a nature calculated to cause a spot of bother to our tormentors?

I'm still trying to decide.

Mark said...

Rivrdog, does that fence chafe?

Anonymous said...

We must have gun control and restrictions because that is what government and progressives do. They control and restrict things. They also believe that they know best. It's true, firearms in the hands of freedom and liberty loving people are a threat to big government that seeks to control every aspect of its citizens lives.

Anonymous said...

Instead of delving into the progressive mindset, we should be asking the important questions. How will restrictions on certain firearms, and magazine capacity affect USPSA/IPSC rules and stage development? The feds are talking 10 round magazines, but NY has already mandated 7 round capacity mags and other states are sure to follow. How will USPSA respond to these potential draconian restrictions and/or bans in magazine capacity and firearms? What affect will they have on 3gun?