Saturday, January 26, 2013

Woman sues after online date stabbed her 10 times

Woman sues after online date stabbed her 10 times | Watch XFINITY Videos Online | News | Comcast

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I don't know if this will even 'work' on Blogger .. Comcast is as lame as this ... oh, well, I can't say that out loud. It's helpful to know, sometimes, that just because we get focused on issues which are important to us ... that doesn't mean that there are NOT idiots in the world who are similarly unable to grasp the simple concept that "You are responsible for your own bad judgement ... not me!"

NOTE: In the interest of Full Disclosure;
  • Online dating may be dangerous
  • Firearms may be dangerous
  • Hot coffee may burn you
  • Just because you put your RV on "Cruise Control", that doesn't mean it will navigate for you
  • DO NOT remove this tag under penalty of law
  • The puppy you got from the ASPSA Kennell?  He may bite you!
  • Do not mix chemicals to make them clean your toilet bowl "Faster"
  • Objects may be closer than they appear in the mirror
  • Reading this blog may be hazardous to your health, wealth, and sanity
  • If you really need to be warned against injudicious behavior, you should stay in your townhouse apartment and never come out, accept no phone calls, and stay away from the Internet!  (Information is as dangerous as a loaded gun in the hands of an idiot!)

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Anonymous said...

You have caught the essense of American Tort Law. It is a many splendored thing designed to make trial lawyers rich, and erase any sense of personal responsibility from our nations traditions.