Saturday, August 18, 2018

Arizona Guv - "Lock 'em Up!

Arizona Governor recommends arrest and incarceration of gun owners, without charging them with a crime.

Ducey won’t budge on ‘crown jewel’ of gun legislation – Arizona Capitol Times:
Gov. Doug Ducey is doubling down on his push for a law to let judges take guns from some people considered “dangerous” ....  (it would also allow. ...  law enforcement take an individual’s weapons while he or she is locked up for up to 21 days for a mental evaluation.) 
[emphasis added] 
See the link for full text.

It's more complicated than the above abridged text suggests, but the core of his intent seems to be to LOCK 'EM UP on suspicion,  for 3 weeks, even though no crime has been committed and the detainee has not been charged with a crime.

No word on whether this period of incarceration would appear on the suspect's criminal record.

The article also fails to make clear what degree of consanguinity must be established before the "offended" may be arrested and his/her firearms confiscated.

Damn newspapers never get it right; it may be a tempest in a teapot, or it may be as inane as it seems on the surface.


Anonymous said...

I though Arizona was a gun friendly state??

Anonymous said...

We don't call him Doug Douchebag for nothin'!

Anonymous said...

Use a paper straw and kill at tree. Use a plastic straw and destroy the environment. Straws contribute to Climate Change.

Anonymous said...

why did az elect this commie?

1786 said...

Illegals out that clown in office.
Just another BS politician like
Sen. John McCain. Red flag laws are violation of equal protection clause and due process clause of constitution.

1786 said...

Correction Put that clown in office not out