Saturday, January 27, 2018

Armed Churchgoers In NEW JERSEY? When Hell Freezes Over!

A Republican state lawmaker wants to make sure all New Jersey churches, synagogues, and mosques have someone with a gun on hand to protect congregants.
  Assemblyman Ron Dancer, R-Monmouth, has introduced legislation that would allow the state's places of worship to select a "qualified person" to carry a concealed handgun during services.  "Especially in this era, places of worship are a terrorist target," Dancer told NJ Advance Media on Thursday. "These are worshippers. They're praying. They're totally defenseless."
Whether the bill will get far in the Democratic-controlled state Legislature is another story. 
Now that Chris Christie has been retired,  the new Democratic Governor Phil Murphy is busy undermining all of Christie's more 'lenient' Gun Control decisions.

Throughout former Gov. Chris Christie's tenure the state Legislature was controlled by Democrats. But over eight years, they were never able to mount a veto override, allowing the Republican governor to kill bills strengthening gun control, funding family planning services and and raising the minimum wage.
But with a new governor, one who's vowed to sign every gun bill that hits his desk and signed an equal pay executive order within hours of taking office, many of those bills are expected to resurface with different results this time around.
Starting Monday, the Legislature will revisit bills felled by Christie's veto pen, including those that would have the state rejoin the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and restore funding for family planning services.

(Funny, I always thought that the Democrats were suppose to be the  all-accepting Party, and the Republicans were the party of "imposing restrictions";  it appears I was wrong, all these years.  What would Jack K. Say?)

This may be the Opening Round of Republican vs Democratic 2nd Amendment controversy under the (Democratic) Murphy Regime.

As strange as it sounds, New Jersey-ites who support the Second Amendment have been "spoiled" by the former governor.

Murphy is busy announcing that There's A New Sheriff In Town.

Don't expect that out-of-staters who wander across the state line into Jersey with a firearm will be able to avoid doing Hard Time, even if they had no nefarious intent; NJ does NOT recognize Concealed Handgun Licenses issued in other states.

There's an old joke that California has the most lawyers of all the states, and Jersey has the most toxic waste dumps;   the reason is that Jersey got "First Choice".

Expect Governor Phil to lay down his Hard-Liner anti-gun laws at every opportunity, if only to demonstrate that he's NOT CHRIS!  

This is perhaps a good reason why America should seriously consider Universal Concealed Handgun Reciprocity.

INCIDENTLY:   Among other bills which Christie vetoed was the insidious "Smart Gun Bill":


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When you want the very best of everything, vote democrat. /s

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Will George Move?