Monday, January 22, 2018

Yeah ... right!: (Virginia Guns Rules)

One gun a month, three guns a month , 20 guns a month ... who are they to determine what is the "correct number"  of guns should be appropriate for someone to exercise their Second Amendment Rights?

Assembly 2018: One-Gun-a-Month Bill Dies in Senate Courts | Community Idea Stations:
“When people roll up to New York and they laughing at how many guns they were able to collect in Richmond, that should be a problem for everyone. And to think those guns are all going in the hands of legal, law-abiding citizens, that's laughable, because you know it's not," he said. "We need the General Assembly to step up."

"Legal, law-abiding citizens?  What's the problem here?  Is it in your stars, or in your selves?

What?  Are they embarrassed because someone is "laughing about how many guns they were able to collect"?  How DARE they (Virginia Legislature) assume that the number of guns a month purchased should be considered an indicator of probity?

I never knew a politician who was so embarrassed by his constituents laughing at him that he took "stern measures";
The measure is one that both former Governor Doug Wilder and Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney have called for reinstating.
“There’s no reason that a person needs to have more than 12 guns in a year to go purchase. I think that’s just something that's common sense that needs to be brought back, it’s practical,” said Mayor Stoney.

If it were the First Amendment issue, they are liable to being  stoned by their constituents for their obvious willingness to restrict their constitutional right;  everybody like to shoot their mouth off,.

But a "Second Amendment issue" is different; not "everybody" likes to own guns, so it's an easy target.  (forgive the pun)  Not everybody is eager to shoot their guns off.

In contrast; how many statements in opposition to their opinions are to be legally allowable, and who may chose which statements (guns?) are permissible?

Who are they to decree what is the "Practical" number of guns a law-abiding citizen should purchase?

Are they merely embarrassed by "people who roll up to New York" and "laughing at how many guns the were able to collect in Richmond"?

Are Virginia legislators more concerned about their "image" than their service to their constituents?

Or is this something more personal? 
Is Virginia all that eager to obviate the Second Amendment Rights of its' citizens?

(Hard to believer, from one of the original 13 colonies!"
"the fault, dear brutus is not in our stars, but in our selves that we are underlinings"

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Anonymous said...

Virginia has become a very blue and liberal state. This is just normal liberal think.