Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Las Vegas Trade Show

Gun industry converges near Las Vegas mass shooting site:
The gun industry is holding its biggest annual trade show this week just a few miles from the site where a gunman slaughtered 58 concertgoers outside his high-rise Las Vegas hotel room in October using a display case worth of weapons, many fitted with bump stocks that enabled them to mimic fully automatic fire. Gun control advocates, meanwhile, pointed to the irony of the location and planned a protest to renew calls for tighter gun sale regulations, including expanded background checks.
Vegas has been the site of firearms trade shows for decades ... for the sponsors of the show to change the venue at the last minute because of the recent massacre by a crazed man would generate even more press, and at the same time validate the insane political statement (whatever it was) he gave his life to make.

To cancel the show would have the same effect.

But to continue with the planned schedule and venue sent the message that firearms were not the issue in his maniacal massacre; any effort to depict the private ownership of firearms in a negative light was ignored as not being worth the effort.  The Second Amendment stands on its own, even when the rights acknowledged are abuse by maniacs.

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