Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why I Don't Trust Computers ... or Government!

This is, of course, Bureaucratic Incompetence.

Florida concealed weapons permit holders exposed in computer hack | Tampa Bay Times:
More than 16,000 concealed weapons permit holders in Florida may have had their names accidentally made public because of a data breach at the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The agency released a statement saying concealed weapons licensees who renewed online may have had their names accessed, and 469 other customers were notified that their Social Security numbers may have been hacked as part of the breach.
The article identifies this as a "HACK".  As far as we know, some clerk printed a list and dumped it in a wastebasket without shredding it.   That, too, is a "data breach".

How concerned is the "Department of Agriculture" about providing third-level security on their database?   Was it wise for Florida to embed extremely sensitive personal information in a database designed to identify crop rotation practices in commercial orange groves? (I made that up.)

I know people who have chosen not to apply for a CHL (Concealed Handgun License) because of this very thing.  Well, and also because they object to "the guvmint" knowing more about their private lives than is absolutely necessary.

They still carry ... but contend that the Second Amendment is their CHL.
(And they are right.)

Just one more reason to love your country but fear your government.
I so fear my government that I applied for a renewal of my CHL, because it's better to risk being hacked than to be arrested for carrying without a license from the state.

"License From The State" ... to exercise my constitutional right.  Isn't that a sorry tale?

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Anonymous said...

People in government at all levels seem to have an aversion to normal data security.