Friday, May 26, 2017

Hillary an Alcoholic???

Secret Service Detail: Hillary Clinton Was Drunk Morning of Campaign Rally | True Pundit:
(Posted on October 31, 2016)

Hillary Clinton had been drinking vodka the morning of a New Jersey campaign rally and was “visibly intoxicated,” a law enforcement source told True Pundit. “She’d been hitting it (alcohol) early,” one member of Clinton’s Secret Service security detail told True Pundit. Amazingly, the source acknowledged it wasn’t the first time Clinton enjoyed multiple cocktails prior to taking the stage at a campaign rally, fundraiser, or television appearance.
See, it's crap like this which makes us think that somewhere, some "pundit" is casting aspersions against a candidate for political purposes.

I hadn't seen any of the webposts which supported this charge until today, and it didn't make any difference to my vote back in November:  Hillary is a lying shrew, and nobody blames her husband quite so much for his can't-keep-it-in-his-pants ways now that we've got to know Hillary a bit better.

Sure, I think that Hillary is a lying, conniving manipulator who would say anything to gain a high office ... but I'm trying to think of another politician on the national level who doesn't also fit the mold.
(The short list is VERY SHORT!  I'm thinking a General who was responsible for the European Theater of Operations in WWII ... and he was not exactly a competent President even if he was our first American president to demand that we put a 5 pound satellite into orbit.   Post-Sputnik joke at the time:  "Why can't Eisenhower ride his horse at night?  He doesn't have a Saddle-light!"  But .. Integration, Civil Rights, Highways, Budget .. Korea!)
Sorry .. I digress in favor of one of few presidents I admire.

And of course, Hillary is married to Bill ... any woman who puts up with that pusillanimous p*ssy-hound has either a heart of gold, or she wants "Higher Office" so desperately that she is willing to put up with anything to further her political aspirations.

It's obvious to most oblivious that Hillary is not the fortunate possessor of a "Heart Of Gold".

And I would not be disappointed if she disappeared from the political fold forever.

But is she an alcoholic?

Hell, I don't know,  I'm the LAST person to ask.

Still,  on  9.11.16 when Hillary stumbles and had to be helped to her car, the explanation was both "allergies" and "Pneumonia", as well as "Dehydration".

No, I'm not persuaded by three contrasting medical explanations, advanced by "experts" within hours, not days, of her "Stumble" episode.   The comments (by people who have probably never evaluated her physical condition her in the examining room) are not convincing.   Surely, a politician would not have a personal physician who couldn't keep his mouth shut in a politically charged "event".

When that many people are eager to explain away what would have been a mere "stumble" in the average citizen ... I'm not persuaded, but I'm still unconvinced.

You tell me which is the most denigrating explanation, versus the most reasonable.   Hillary's political opponents are quick to offer unqualified opinions.   Her supporters provide so many alternative explanations, it muddies the field.

I'm still waiting for a reliable first-party (independent attending physician?) who is willing to go on the record to provide a definitive explanation for that momentary lapse in coordination,


Nope.  Not going to happen.  We still are left with no better explanation than our own private political opinion, and that's perhaps not the best way to judge the physical competency of a political candidate.

My personal opinion is not worth the paper it's not written upon.


Anonymous said...

Not gonna get an independent physical examination of the The Hillary. She will not submit to one, or be allow herself to be examined at a hospital. The Clintons' have secrets that the public cannot be allowed to know.

Mark said...

I don't care, drunk or sober I thank God she isn't president!

Joel said...

She can fill her swimming pool with vodka for all I care. I don't care too much for Trump, but I'll bless him all he wants for not being Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Is our president in exile staging a return?