Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Publish or Perish for Politicos

GUNS OUT: 2A Group Targets Anti-Gun Legislators:

While I'm no admirer of politicians Senator Warren, this ill-conceived and misbegotten attempt to interfere with legitimate consumer activity is nothing more than political grandstanding and should never even come to the table.
Earlier this week, GOA submitted a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee expressing their concern over House Bill 1652, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act. According to GOA, the bill could adversely affect gun owners. By establishing this new regulation, “hearing enhancers,” used by hunters to amplify sound, would mean the government could regulate hunting.
Oh, no.   It's MUCH worse than that!

A lot of people in shooting sports own and use "electronic ear muffs", which filter out sounds above a certain decibel level, but allow lower volumes (such as range commands) to be clearly heard.

Range Officers rely upon these "discriminatory amplifying" electronic devices, because if a downrange safety issue is observed by someone one in the audience who yells STOP!, for example ... that warning might be missed by the Range Officer who has his attention focused on the gun.

At the same time, the competitor is better served with amplification, because he is focused on his targets and the RO's range commands must be loud enough to attract this attention.

Amplifying low-decibel sound is an important range safety consideration.

Yes, you can conduct a shooting match without amplification ... but you can do a better job of it with amplification of background sounds.

So by the same sense ' ... the government could regulate target shooting ...', for example.

Regulation of any product often increases its price to the consumer, as well.  It's unwise for a government to not only interfere with a constitutional right, but also to tax it.   But don't tell the ruling class that there's a reason to butt out ... they're in the business of seeming to be "doing something" by passing laws.  (Sort of a "Publish or Perish" for Politicos.)

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Anonymous said...

It is just her native American heritage showing. Her ancestors used bow and arrow to bag their supper and had not need for hearing enhancements.