Friday, January 06, 2017

NY Dems Oppose Gun Show; claim it "...would promote a culture of violence..."

Democratic Lawmakers Send Gun Show Ban Bill to Full Board | The Examiner News:

The Northeast Gun Show would take place on Jan. 21-22 at the White Plains venue but the Legislation, Labor/ Parks/Planning/Housing and Public Safety & Social Services committees are sending a measure to the full board for its next meeting this Monday, Jan. 9 that would prohibit gun shows at all county-owned property, including the County Center. The lawmakers argued that hosting the show would promote a culture of violence and the glorification of firearms on taxpayer-financed property. “I, as one legislator, recognize the right to the Second Amendment,” said Board Chairman Michael Kaplowitz (D-Somers). “I don’t read in there the right to have a gun show at the County Center.”

The Distinguished Board Chairman, Michael Kaplowitz (Democrat, as noted) is is full fig at the outrage of renting out a building which would bring additional funding into the county.

He would much rather the structure remain empty and useless, than to host a (gasp!) "Gun Show at the County Center"!


Horror of horrors, he can't have that!
'Chairman Kaplowitz' (Democrat) has designated himself the keeper of morals for his County.

Which is apparently in the Great State of New York.

Near White Plains.

(No, I never heard of the county either, but I have heard of White Plains, NY.)

Better that all County Properties remain empty and unused than host a GUN SHOW! (which, even if his constituents choose not to attend, would still provide a rental profit on an otherwise empty structure on County Property)

Failing a degenerate Gun Show, here is a list of things to do while visiting Sunny White Plains, New York!

Or you can go to a Gun Show.

Oh ... wait.  That's completely Off The Books now, isn't it.

Well, I heard a rumor that the Westchester Theater is running a series of movies starring Paul Newman  and Robert Redford.  I  think I've see that movie.   Twice.

Apparently, White Plains isn't "That Toddling Town"  As long as it has Board Chairman Michael Kaplowitz (D-Somers)  taking care of the moral character of HIS county, White Plains will always have something to talk about while they're plucking chickens, (Or having a quilting bee.)

Both of which are probably activities which Kaplowitz approves of.

PS:   Here's a picture of a gun.  Don't let Michael know you have it!


Anonymous said...

People just have to learn how evil guns are and how they must be eradicated. PC and progressiveness demand it.

Anonymous said...

People will not learn anything PC and Progressives teach, your days are over, Trump is here.