Friday, January 06, 2017

The NRA Admits: "Water is Wet"

Guess what?

One of the most murderous cities in America is Chicago.

And the reason?

Chicago has more than it's fair share of young black men who are disadvantaged.
(Translation:  they can't find a job, so they turn to crime.  DUH!)

America's 1st Freedom | Who Can—And Who Can’t—Solve Chicago’s Murder Problem:

 The bonds of trust between law enforcement and high-crime communities in Chicago have been battered, and in some cases shattered, over the last few years. These are two groups that must work together in order to drive down the shootings, robberies and assaults that plague Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods.
Chicago has a lot of problems, not the least is a high volume of criminal actions.

The answer is simple: find jobs for young men who have "successful criminals" as their role models:

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as it sounds.  These young men have no skills, little education (many of them drop out of school in their teens

I've written about "The Gun Problem In Chicago" so many times, it's not worth working my way through it again.  But the good thing is, this article is paying attention to the REAL PROBLEM in Ciraq.

It's not the guns.

It's the society.

Poverty, unstable home life, promiscuity, single-parent families, welfare, and children raised with no hope for a better future than the drug-runner on the corner with the nice car and 15-year-old hookers.

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It's the society and white privilege to say otherwise is anti-PC and contradicts the progressive playbook.