Sunday, November 13, 2016

Stairs Are not The Best Friends Of The Hobo Brasser Family!

My friend, "The Hobo Brasser", is in the hospital this week due to his propensity to not use the rails in the stairwell to the basement in his home.

In short, he tripped, fell, and broke some body parts which are important only if you want to stand, walk or run.

None of these options are currently available to him.

Having just spent a few hours chatting with his charming LifePartner (AKA: WIFE) Sharon, I did make only a casual attempt to phone said Hobo at his hospital room.  In the very short conversation, he revealed that he was (this is a direct quote) "Pretty F*cked Up" but expects to be released for home recovery in a matter of days ... not weeks.  Yes, another hour on the phone with The Brasser.  he's in good spirits, but won't be hobbling his way through any IPSC matches for a while.

Friend can expect him to be "En Hibile" soon.

It's good to know that although your friends have suffered a "minor injury"; ... they are recovering!

Not than any injury is unimportant.  But that the injury could very well have been MUCH WORSE .. but has not turned out to be ... is  good news to those of us who have been exposed to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune!

I spent some time on the phone, talking to Mrs. Hobo Brasser.  It appears that The Evil Stairs have claimed her as well; she broke both ankles going down those stairs in recent years.

The conversation is "we need to move to a house without stairs!"

Good choice.

Y'all need not to be breaking legs, knees and ankles.


Anonymous said...

May his recovery be quick and painless.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear he has been hurt.
Best wishes for a quick recovery.


Mark said...

Actually I feel at the Legion Hall while working on the annual Veterans day dinner. I may be handsomer once it all heals, if that is possible. For the humor impaired ;-)