Thursday, November 17, 2016

Liberals Are The party Of Peaceful Weasels .. what?

Oh, go read it. Or not. I'm tired of trying to keep track of liberal crap dumbfucks idiots academics

  Rutgers University Lecturer Visited By NYPD After Threatening To Kill All White People With A Gun…UPDATE: Threatened Trump Supporters As Well, Blames Trump For Being Questioned… | Weasel Zippers

*It's a Good Thing that Liberals are The Party of Peace.  it would be really gnarly if they were, like, emotional dunderheads with no shut-the-fuck-up valve or anything!)

Naturally some media on left picked this up, hysterically trumpeting, ‘It begins!’.
What begins? An idiot who has issues with white people who shouldn’t be teaching students made threatening remarks that police felt duty bound to check out?
Trump of course is only the president-elect and has no power to change anything or go after anyone.
By the way, Allred who refers to himself as a ‘Beyonce professor'(gee that’s a title, my degree is in Beyonce) isn’t actually a professor. Professor is a title that you earn through teaching and scholarship. He is a just a lecturer.
Allred got some media attention last year for saying there were ‘
no good white people’.

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Their diversity is what makes our universities great.