Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tragedy in the home

Grandmother arrested in east New Orleans toddler's shooting death |
(January 20, 2016)
A 42-year-old grandmother has been arrested in the shooting death of her 3-year-old grandson, killed early Wednesday (Jan. 20) inside her eastern New Orleans home. Investigators think Deonca Kennedy was sleeping in a bed with the toddler when a gun beneath her pillow discharged, striking the boy in the chest, the Police Department said.
This is an awful tragedy.  (Oh, damn .. is there any other kind?)

I can't imagine how the family is dealing with it.
The information available at this time is not sufficient to understand what happened.

But the way the story is presented, one can only assume that someone grasped the gun ... perhaps in their sleep ... and pulled the trigger.

(OR the gun "just went off" without the aid of any human intervention.  Which obviously could not be the case.)

There is a moral to this story, and that is that we who keep firearms in our homes need to be exceedingly careful about safe storage when children are present.

The "Gun Control" people are right about this.

Our children are too important.

And we are responsible for both our actions, and our "inactions".

When your kids and your guns are in the same room,
 you don't need sleep!


David aka True Blue Sam said...

...and elderly people, and many houseguests. We used to keep a rifle by the door for coyotes that came into the yard, but we are caring for an elderly mother (who is a shooter)who has had a big stroke and some small ones. The guns are all locked up except when we are actually using them because we don't want to find out the hard way if the Wife's Mother is missing some adult judgement at 91.

Anonymous said...

You can't fix stupid.

Jerry The Geek said...

True. But if you're too stoopid to control your gun, you're too stoopid to own one.
I hate to give credence to the Gun Grabbers, but there are times when SOME of what they say is not total crap.

Okay ... not often.

But in situations like this .... oh yeah!

Anonymous said...

You are correct, some people are just to stupid and/or careless to be armed with anything more dangerous than a pair of scissors.