Wednesday, January 20, 2016


This is "Totalitarianism":

Inside Fallujah: ISIS-held ghost town ruled by fear, paranoia as battle looms | Fox News:
As in other parts of ISIS' sprawling caliphate, women suspected of adultery are beheaded and men believed to be homosexual are thrown from atop buildings. “All they need is for two witnesses to testify and say that this person has done something wrong and they get killed,” he said, adding that the accusation of adultery against a woman results in beheading. “So two bad people can make something up and have a person killed.”

Wow!  This is horrible!

Thankfully, this can NEVER happen in America!
We have a CONSTITUTION to protect us from The State.

Or do we?

In parts of America (notably California) gun owners can be "denounced" by family members, friends, acquaintances and even total strangers --- people who say that this person is a danger to himself or others and should not be allowed to purchase (or perhaps even possess) firearms.  

Fortunately, we have the NCIS process which protects us from this sort of thing.  OR DO WE?

The penalties in America are not as drastic as in Fallujah.  Americans will only be prevented from purchasing 'another' firearm.  Ever.

MOST places in America are not (publicly ... yet) confiscating firearms currently owned, but the Second Amendment rights are being dramatically infringed.  There are no legal steps involved in this process.

 No notification: the gun owner is not told that he/she will not be "allowed" to purchase a firearm.
 No court hearing. The process is entirely sub rosa.  It's strictly administrative.
 Never is the 'denouncing' person identified. The 'accused" person is not allowed to face his accuser in a court of law.  Isn't there something in the Constitution about this?
 No reason is given to the firearms owner as to why his/her rights are being abrogated .,. and there is no appeal, no redress.

They just cannot exercise their civil rights.

No, the penalties are not as drastic in America for those denounced by frightened 'others' as they are in Falujah.

But the process is identical.


Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder if California operates in the same universe as the other 49 states. I am glad I don't live near there.

Anonymous said...

Also, we are importing tens of thousands of muslim, so called refugees, into the country as I write this. The senate voted against enhanced background checks on these people. We are letting tens of thousands more in on visa's, and more are sneaking across our open southern border. In the next few years we will have increased our muslim population by millions. In the meantime our politicians are trying to disarm us.

Archer said...

Beg to differ, but the process in America (specifically, California) is NOT identical to that in Fallujah.

If Fallujah, it takes two accusers/witnesses. In America, it only takes one.

Jerry The Geek said...

Archer, you are an American treasure. Please, never change.