Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gun-Blog Topics Which Have Become Boring because they are so repetitive

  • Why are Anti-gunners so mean?  (Because they don't like you)

  • Oh, look!  A New Gun!  (Duh)
  • Oh, look!  A New Holster (Double Duh)

  • What's the best way to Carry Concealed?  (see: new holster)

  • Why do people think I'm a dork go crazy in the store just because I open carry?  (Could it be .. because they can't tell whether you are making a political statement, or you're about to shoot everybody in sight?)

  • Why should I believe that "nobody wants to take my guns" is a lie?  (They Do want to take your guns, but they also know that you have guns and .. uh .. well, it's kind of obvious that they want someone ELSE to take your guns but they can't talk them into confronting you, either, because they already think that you're some kind of suicidal freak-job)
  • I think that xmm caliber guns are much better than Ymm caliber guns for Z purposes, because of (a) modern bullet design, or (b) bigger is better.  (Yes, you are correct.  Of course.)

  • There's this new technology which is suppose to make our country safer because it provides a 'tool' for law enforcement to more easily find the bad guys when they do bad things.  But I think it's just going to make guns/ammunition/components so expensive that they will become unavailable.  (Yes, it's only going to infringe on legitimate gun owners.  And your point is?)
  • This girl in Amarillo has posted an anti-gun opinion to Salon, and she's so DUH because she doesn't know anything about guns and yet she's telling us how we should live our lives.   Isn't that a perfect target to dis her?  (Yes, she's a dork. But telling her so won't do any good, because (a) 2,134 gun nuts have already explained the zillion ways she's an ignoramus, and (b) it really helped to build up her stats on Salon when you reply to her article, and (c) she isn't reading anything you said anyway, and (d) she's not your type and you are DEFINITELY not her type, so (e) don't bother fisking her; she will not be impressed.)

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Anonymous said...

(a) But the girl in Amarillo is just so hot that I want to get to know her.

(b) The UN small arms treaty that the president and Sec. State signed will solve all problems.