Friday, January 23, 2015

Why I don't watch football

 I never knew that "cheating" could be so petty ... and yet so important.
Deflate-gate: Why the media are overinflating the football flap | Fox News: Now I’m not in favor of a team cheating its way into the Super Bowl. And I get why the story has gotten traction on the media playing field. But come on: not properly inflating a bunch of balls is not exactly Ray Rice’s elevator punch or the shame of steroids. Especially since the Patriots clobbered Indianapolis in that AFC Championship game.

For all of my friends who wonder why I don't enjoy spectator sports (as in "FOOTBALL") .. this is why.

Any activity that's more peurile goofy than I am, is just silly!


Mark said...

Sputter...sputter..harumph you just don't understand

Anonymous said...

There is big money involved in who wins a footsball game.

Anonymous said...

This is all about hating on Coach Belichick, nothing more.

Nothing to see here, go look at some expensive commercials and move along please.


Anonymous said...

Is the Geek un-American? I can't believe he said that. Please say it ain't so.