Sunday, January 18, 2015

Go directly to jail, do not pass go: Fools that they are.

Apparently, someone DOES want to take your guns!  (Who Knew?)   And yes, it's not just the people who elected Biden as their Senator for decades!  Well .. perhaps it is.

Sandy Hook Commission: Ban guns holding more than 10 rounds, no grandfathering (VIDEO):
(January 18, 2014)
A special commission set up by Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy after the Newtown shooting is ready to recommend a total ban on the sale and possession of guns capable of holding 10 rounds or more.
[H/T: Sipsey Street]

There are a lot of issues which might make this proposed legislation "problematic", including the Second Amendment.

Any firearm which is reloaded via an 'external magazine' might be reloaded with a magazine capable of holding 11, 15, 22, 30 ... who knows how many rounds?  So right there, you've "arbitrarily and unilaterally" eliminate everything but Revolvers and Bolt Action rifles.

Which was obviously the goal of this Star Chamber Commission.

The 16-member Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, established two years ago following the December 2012 Newtown incident in which 20 children and six adults were killed, made its decision to call for the ban at its meeting Friday. 
Specifically, it would prohibit both the sale and possession of any firearm capable of holding 10 rounds of more without the provision to grandfather guns that are currently registered under Connecticut’s already strict Assault Weapon’s Ban. This would effect a defacto ban on many guns that escaped registration after owners changed cosmetic features of their firearms. Law enforcement and military would be exempt from this ban.

We can expect that the 'street value' of the M1 Garand Battle Rifle ..
  *reloaded via an 8-round CLIP ... and the proletariat doesn't know the difference between a 'clip' and a 'magazine'*
...  will sky-rocket if this "decision" becomes law.  But that market enhancement would be short-lived, as the 'decision' is a clear infringement on the Constitution of the United States of America.

We know that the members of this committee are aware of that, and obviously they don't expect that their 'decision' will have the effect of law.

Bad People don't pay attention to laws.  They don't pay attention to Bad Press .. in fact, that's why they do Bad Things!  So nobody thinks that the decisions of this panel are going to have a lasting effect on Connecticut Senate.   The Connecticut Senate may pass laws, which will be challenged and will *(expensively)* be debated.

In the best possible outcome, some of the people who have supported this unconstitutional "decision" (and it will become a 'referndum' .. count on it!) will be elected, or re-elected, to a political post.

That's all the politicians ask.  They just want to suck on the pubic teat.  As Politicians, they KNOW they can't pass unconstitutional laws .... but they look GOOD to the sheep.

The Sheep are frightened and expect their Government to provide them the protection which they are unable or unwilling to provide for themselves.   They know that there is no substance to this 'protection', but it allows them to sleep at night and that's all they ask.

This will be a feel-good bill, based on feel-good legislation, and there is no substance to it at all.

But it WILL cost the good citizens of Connecticut a lot of money.

On the other hand, they elected Biden for decades, so they deserve everything they asked for.  Fools that they are.


Mark said...

Jerr, Biden, while an idiot, is from Delaware.

Anonymous said...

Just one more state to add to my list of do not go places. Uncle Joe is into double barrel shotguns and unique ways of utilizing them for home defense.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden is like the beloved, but slightly insane, uncle that shows up at annual family get togethers.