Sunday, January 18, 2015

Note to Gun Bloggers: I Don't Listen To Podcasts!

Okay, short note here.   Like most people I'm more visually oriented than (what's the word?) "auditorily" oriented.  So I don't care which very knowledgeable gun bloggers have a lot of very important opinions to offer, I'm not going to listen the them.  Sorry, Michaell I haven't listened to yo since you and I and Sandie shared a dinner at the 1998 Area 1 match in Reno.

I can't think of a more boring/loser way to spend an evening than to listen to someone's podcast pontificating on the Internet.  Do NOT send me emails (or whatever) inviting me to listen to your podcast.       I DON'T CARE!

Oh ...his is too long?  Let me please make it as brief as possible:


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Anonymous said...

That is the Geek, blunt, to the point, and somewhat testy.