Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Hatred from the Ignorant Left

Markley’s Law, ignorance, hate, and violence | The View From North Central Idaho:
  Somehow I don’t think this is the most effective way to convince people of their righteous. It just makes people laugh.

Idaho Joe gets a lot of trash mail.  I know he doesn't encourage it .. it just happens.  But he's right; the clueless have a way of shooting themselves in the foot, and somehow it never seems to occur to them that other people will read their vitriol and judge them by it.

Either that, or they just don't care.

The very INTERESTING thing is the assumptions they make about firearms owners.

(1)  They think we're all rich .. well, we must be since we spend all of our disposable income on guns and ammunition.  (and motorcycles and expensive imported automobiles .. but that's another blog article):
all you care about is how hard your dick gets when you drive your BMW to the range to shoot you “big boy” weapons.
(I'm personally disappointed that you have intuited the way I spend my evenings at home ... stroking my ammunition and cooing lovingly to my machine guns.)

(2) .. oh, and they also think we're all about "More Power"

(As if they never watched the show .. and enjoyed it!)
 Actually, we're all about Full-Auto and Hi-Capacity magazines loaded with Cop-Killer Bullets. But you knew that.

(3) The most interesting things is that since they think we (legal firearms owners) are all about gun violence, they assume that we never actually served our country in the military.

Amazing how none of you brave sons of bitches volunteers to fight in a real war.

If their image of us is true, how could we EVERY have passed up the opportunity to "shoot people"?
Really, you can't have it both ways; either we are egotistical cowards, or we are puffed-chested veterans who rushed to the sound of guns.

Well ... to acknowledge either construct would be to give us credit for either patriotism or personal courage, and neither image fits their chosen perception.

(4) Contrarily, they seem comfortable with suggesting a great deal of courage on their own part:
Take your perceived (and incorrect) right and stick it up your ass! We ARE coming for your fucking guns!
Oh, really?
And just who is this "WE" you speak about so boldly?
Do you plan to be the lead man who breaks down the door and confiscates the personal arms of someone who has a bunch of "Big Boy Weapons"?  Or are you going to just ... tell some minimum-wage LEO to bust into people's homes and demand that they turn over their guns?

You've already established that you think gun owners are pussies and now you suggest that Confiscation would be a mere matter of knocking on our doors and scavenging our houses for "illegal guns".

Frankly, He Who Would Judge Honest People Harshly (and pick on Joe), I doubt you have the cajones to break into a home which you know is occupied by a man with a gun.

(5) And finally, this last most deplorable paragraph of the rant:

But agin,  [sic] that’s because you and your little group of gun lovers (emphasis on the word lovers since you need them to get it up) have no sense of decency, are hugely narcissistic and probably would stand up for your rights to target shoot even if some maniac pumped a dozen rounds into your own child. Sick, sick, sick.
I doubt this .. person ... knows Joe personally;  I've been to a couple of BoomerShoots, and Joe strikes me as both a responsible person and a very sociable person.  And his annual BoomerShoots attract more people every year.

Joe doesn't allow people to participate unless they know, and can cite extemporaneously, the three laws of gun safety.   Which is as it should be; it's like a Secret Code of People Who Shoot Responsibly

Joe has been VERY PATIENT with this Idiot.  I admire his restraint in the face of both intellectual and personal attacks.

I'm not such a nice guy.  I think the author from the Ignorant Left is a TROLL, and has no right to be treated like a Human Being at all .. because he obviously cannot even give a believable impression of being Human.

And that's all I have to say about that.


Anonymous said...

Often when we look at evil, we see a leftist.

Mark said...

Molon Labe!