Friday, December 18, 2015

Background Checks on Ammunition Purchases?


People are now seriously considering background checks on ammunition purchases?
(H/T: Joe H. referring to California law .. which might be imposed by other states.)

I'm not certain how, exactly, this would lead to a safer community in America.

Most likely, this is a punitive measure which is designed solely to make everyday life more difficult for those of us who choose to celebrate our freedom as guaranteed under the Constitution.

We get a lot of that.

This is a transparent copy of Daniel Patrick Moynihan's attempt in 1999 to impose a 1000% tax on amunition, [sp] for similar and obvious reasons.

But in actuality, this is a much more insidious attack on your Second Amendment Freedoms.

Scenario "A":
You do nothing in protest, but meekly accept the new way to make it more difficult for you to buy ammunition.

The consequence is that the people who sell ammunition are legally required to perform background checks ... with no consequence other than the vendors have to spend more time to transact a sale.  The best you can do is to either buy your ammunition online, reload your own ammunition as much as possible, or buy your ammunition in bulk to mitigate the impact on the merchants.

Scenario "B":
In protest, you buy your ammunition in the smallest lots possible, to tax the resources.

The consequence is that the vendors quickly realize that the returns from a single sale are beyond their capabilities, and they discontinue sales of ammunition.

This overloads the process which was originally intended to vet people who are trying to buy firearms legally.

THAT scenario is what the authors of this bill are looking for.

"They" don't care if you are an honest citizen.

The intent of the bill is not to insure that terrorists cannot buy ammunition which they will use to kill Americans;   the intent is to insure that NOBODY will be able to purchase ammunition for any purpose, legal or otherwise.

This is a proposal which warrants the most emphatic opposition!

Lies, distortions, and ignoring the law | The View From North Central Idaho:

Lies, distortions, and ignoring the law Posted on December 18, 2015 by Joe From The Seattle Times: Building on California’s longstanding ban on assault weapons, the state’s lieutenant governor is preparing a 2016 ballot measure calling for even tighter restrictions, including background checks on ammunition sales.

If this bill passes most people will be put in the position where they have only a few sources of ammunition, or they will have to reload their own ammunition.  This is not, of course, possible for the most popular (and currently most scarce .. and least intimidating) ... .22 Long Rifle ammunition.

But there seem to be no exceptions, even for .22LR.

 (PS: assuming that a similar follow-up bill is applied to to reloading components, and that state 'exceptional' taxes  or restrictions on ammunition sales are imposed on internet purchases of ammunition AND reloading components, the Gun Grabbers will have performed the perfect Hat Trick  of Gun Control.)


Rivrdog said...

I have 2 twenty-two handguns and 3 twenty-two rifles. I have quit shooting them. I shoot only centerfire which I can reload, and I make better ammo for wider uses than factory, anyway. I shoot a little shotgun, just to keep my hand in.

I'm ahead of this game for now, and plan to stay ahead of it.

Can you say boiled frog?

Mark said...

The point, of course, is get retailers to stop selling ammo.

Anonymous said...

They never stop pushing the envelope. They never give up.

Anonymous said...

Once implemented and enforced, it will work. Ammo supplies will dry out. Hello: muzzle loaders and homemade black powder.