Friday, October 30, 2015

Obama vs LBJ ... no difference

Obama authorizes Special Ops Forces to deploy to Syria | Fox News:

The deployment marks the first time U.S. troops will be working openly on the ground in Syria. A senior administration official called it a "small" deployment, involving "fewer than 50" Special Ops Forces to northern Syria.
Oh, yeah .. THAT sounds familiar!

RVN .. December 28, 1969.


Anonymous said...

What happened on 12/28/69 in RVN? I was there, but outside of it was hot and sticky and I wasn't shot or blown up, I honestly don't recall that particular day.
Just Call Me Anon

Mark said...

The lying bastard LBJ at least served in the military and knew what to do with them. The current lying bastard in the white house hasn't a clue.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think most of his time in service was in Washington DC. I think he made one short trip to the Pacific for a week or so. He was a Rat Bast@rd his whole life.
Just Call Me Anon.

Jerry The Geek said...

Just/anon ... sorry, 12/28/69 was a personal reference to 50,000 US servicemen in RVN. It was my CIB day.