Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Telling citizens not to have gun is like telling teens not to have sex

It's tough being a parent.

You can tell your kids about the dangers of sex, but if they think they want it (and they do), they're going to ignore you.

Australia is now trying to deal with this problem.  Yes, the same Australia that Hillary and Barak are holding up as the very model of a modern "reasonable, common-sense" nation.

'There hasn't been this much weaponry on the streets since the days of the underworld war': police: "Something obviously needs to be done about the guns out already out there. We need to look at harsher sentences. There's no justification for carrying an unregistered gun and we need to be harder on people that decide to, or there'll  be a lot more shootings," the officer said.
The thing is, Free Citizens and Teens have a lot of common; if they something they want, they're usually going to get it.

Enacting anti-gun laws is very similar to telling your child "NO!".

You can try being proactive: you can buy your child condoms, you can enact 'common-sense gun laws", but both are unreasonable, unworkable, and unrealistic.

You daughter will end up pregnant, and your citizen will end up with an "arsenal".

When parents and legislators mandate standards of conduct, they often ignore human behavior.

But with firearms ownership, the issue expands beyond mere human urges;

The reason for sex is to procreate ... or just to enjoy the experience.

The reason for firearms (ignoring the liberal "tiny dick" accusation) is to engage in shooting sports such as hunting and competition, which again is to enjoy the experience.

But firearms ownership goes far beyond "Daddy, I Gotta Have It!"

Self defense.  Defense of home and family and property.

Defense of the public against an out-of-control government.

This is something that the government of Australia has failed to factor into it's firearms laws.  That is, the assumption among "Free Citizens" that they have a RIGHT to firearms access, and that is not a thing which their (our) Paternalistic government is able to deny them.   Try as they may.

As the egregious Malcom said in the Jurassic Park movie "life finds a way".

This is much the same situation as American citizens have experience (and battled for over 200 years), except that those of us privileged to live in a free America have the Second Amendment to affirm our rights.

Not to 'grant' us rights, but to 'affirm' our rights.  There's a big difference; and however much the metro liberals consider us not only ignorant, not only obstreperous, not only out-of-control but passe', we still have the rest of the Constitution to delineate that we are CITIZENS .. not "SUBJECTS".

"Mommy .. about that condom you gave me?  It didn't work!"


Anonymous said...

There was once a time when teenagers generally obeyed their parents commands, at least while they were living at home.
Just Call Me Anon

Archer said...

@Just Call Me Anon:
Yea, that was way back when parents were allowed to discipline their kids, public schools weren't leftist indoctrination centers full of "mandatory reporters" just itching to report anything and everything, and the mainstream media really was mainstream (as opposed to the Propaganda Arm of the Democratic Party).

Those were the days....

Anonymous said...

Yes, @Archer speaks with a straight tongue.
Just Call Me Anon