Monday, October 26, 2015

Hillary Clinton says "Australia is a Good Example" as a model for American Gun Control. ?

Hillary Clinton seems determined to resolve "The Gun Control Issue".
Her approaches are different from mine;  I think gun control means hitting your target.  Hillary thinks gun control is ignoring the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

Well, she's younger and wiser than I am.

But she has never spent a sleepless night in her bed listening to the sound of gunfire in her neighborhood, knowing that there are neighbors who would kill her for the $11.27 in her purse.

She is an academic.  She has no real-world experience with actual day-to-day violence.  She cannot possible relate to the millions of people in Hillary-Stan who face danger just walking down the street.

She is a politician; everything she says is carefully tuned to "Let's make it sound like she is doing something to resolve the problem".  Granted, as a politician she IS a target.   And so are we all, targets.  Whether in our neighborhood or in our homes, we are always targets.

She's a target for what she represents; we are targets for what we own, or for what we might own, or just because some random crazy thinks we smiled at the wrong time, the wrong place, at the wrong person.

She thinks that the problem is that there are too many guns on the street, but the problem is that the crooks and gang-bangers own all the guns on too many streets.
The definition of "trite" is a saying that is so obvious that it has become passe'.  She believes that she can make a perfect law against firearms ownership, it it will magically wipe out all "gun violence'.

The problem is, only law-abiding people pay any attention to the laws she would pass.  The trouble makers in our world ignore the laws.  Laws won't keep guns off the streets, they will only disarm the innocent.

But she doesn't care, because she is after votes.  She can only get the votes if the ignorant voters among us believe that she is 'doing something' to 'resolve the gun violence problem'.

It has never occurred to her, or her political handlers, that "gun violence" is not a GUN problem; it's a VIOLENCE problem.

That problem can't be resolved by gun-control laws.  It can only be resolved by societal change.  And she has never EVER suggested a measure which might keep young men from shooting each other, and negligently hitting a few innocent bystanders in the process.

And she has never proposed a measure which might protect the innocent while dissuading the criminally inclined members of our society from shooting up the neighborhood.

Instead, she proposes "Feel Good" laws which inevitably fail to address the real problems in our nation.

Here's an example of her do-nothing campaign rhetoric:

Published on Oct 17, 2015

Hillary:   "Australia is A Good Example"

(Published on Oct 17, 2015)

On the other hand, here's a message from someone who has experienced exactly the kind of  "feel good" legislation which she proposes.  Someone who knows how the 'Australian Solution' really works.

Gun Control : a message from Australia to America. - YouTube:
Published on Oct 10, 2015
President Barack Obama used Australia as an example of successful gun ownership restrictions. I am Australian, born and bred; I feel the need to tell you the truth. Fight to keep your guns America, even if it means civil war.

Hillary Clinton said that she’s all about protecting the 2nd Amendment while fighting back against the NRA. Judging by her comments in New Hampshire, Hillary doesn’t exactly sound like a guardian of the 2nd Amendment. Not that if elected she wouldn’t search for ways around that pesky Constitution.

But she WILL try really, really hard to make that shit-sandwich seem tasty.

And BTW, Hillary ... the NRA is NOT your opponent.  Why you chose to make the NRA your target, when REAL threats exist to us all,  is ...

well, just fucking stupid.

(Jennifer, forgive me .. I used the F-bomb again!)


Anonymous said...

She had to duck and run from snipers at some airport in one of the Balkin countries. She has gone in dangers way. We need to learn to live with her, she has already be selected by the MSM as our next president.
Just call me Anon

Archer said...

It has never occurred to her, or her political handlers, that "gun violence" is not a GUN problem; it's a VIOLENCE problem.

Too right. A gun in the hands of a non-violent person is no danger, but a violent person IS dangerous, gun or no gun.