Saturday, October 03, 2015

Finally, a Politician 'gets it': "A New Standard"

Michael McCaul, House Homeland Security chairman: 'No gun law probably could have stopped this' - Washington Times:
(October 02, 2015)
 Rep. Michael McCaul, Texas Republican and chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said Friday there needs to be an emphasis on mental health, and not new gun laws, in the wake of Thursday’s shooting at a community college in Oregon. “No gun law probably could have stopped this case. Tell me what law could have been passed to have stopped this case,” Mr. McCaul said on CNN’s “New Day.”

After all these years, a Politician finally admits that, however it might add a great 'punch' to his next re-election campaign ... he refuses to postulate that passing new gun-control laws (which is how Politicians expect to get re-elected) would not stop "gun violence".

Those of us who have blogged for years on this theme should take heart in this simple statement.

Of COURSE .. criminals (past, present and future) pay no attention to "Common Sense Gun Laws" which are proposed on what seems to be a daily occurrence .. with no positive effect.

These laws are imposed upon honest citizens, who are the only persons who care about the law, on almost a daily basis by the politicians in your home town, state, and on a national level.  They have ALL failed to meet the standard of "a law which resolves the problem" ("Gun Violence") because violent felons ignore ALL of the laws that grand-standing politicians impose on their constituents.

I have no confidence that any other politician will pay attention; but I suspect  hope that those politicos who expect to be re-elected will realize that this simple statement will serve as a wake-up call;  they can no longer feel confident that because they have proposed new gun control laws (which only honest people will obey), they are "doing something" to justify their term in office.

They are not; they're just agitating the people who vote .. which does not includes convicted felons ... because we KNOW that they're blowing smoke.  And we are not impressed.

Politicians take note, please, of that rarity; an honest politician.

This is your new standard!


Anonymous said...

On a slightly different note, a NYC newspaper columnist is demand that the State Department put the NRA on the list of terrorist organizations.

Archer said...

Weren't we promised - PROMISED! - that the passage of S.B. 941 would make it much harder for criminals, the mentally ill, and those bent on mayhem to get their hands on a gun?

How, then, did the Umpqua shooter have 14 of them, all purchased legally?