Friday, October 02, 2015

Peasants With Knives!

Death Toll in Xinjiang Coal Mine Attack Climbs to 50:
(September 30, 2015)
The death toll in a knife attack orchestrated by alleged “separatists” at a coal mine in northwestern China’s troubled Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has climbed to at least 50 people—including five police officers—with as many as 50 injured, according to local security officials who say nine suspects are on the run.
While the American Government is still striving heartily to ban the private ownership of guns, 'separatists' groups in China have moved to a more primitive weapon:
as in: 'if we can't shoot ya. we'll cut ya!'.
People in America poo-poo folks who think that pistols, rifles and shotguns are valid weapons to defend American Freedoms against a totalitarian government.  They say things like:

"Oh yeah, the government has tanks and planes and machine guns, and you're going to do WHAT with your puny little pistol?"

Strangely enough, governments have very little defense against outraged citizens who have any means at all to express their grievances.  Look at this picture from the original article; this is the military that is being attacked by 'peasants with knives'.

The "Chinese Separatists" may be a bunch of loonies, but they may also be "the mouse that roared".

The American Revolution started with not that much more in the way of weaponry.

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Anonymous said...

The leftist and progressives would still feel safer with a gun free population.