Thursday, March 19, 2015

You okay?

There are four ways you can insure that people who are new to shooting guns have a 'bad experience', resulting in YOU voicing the hopeful question:
You okay?
If you hear yourself saying that, you have probably done something stupid.  And someone else will pay the price.  Either that 'other person' will never again think that shooting a gun is "a good idea", or they will think that continuing their association with you is "a good idea".

The first is problematic; the second is unquestionable.  You are a Gun Dork, and your friends will never be "OKAY".

Here are the four ways to absolutely turn your friendships .. and your prospective shooting partners .. off:

(1)  It's really funny to introduce small women, and children, to shooting by giving them an over-powered weapon and watching them fall down when they display their trust in your good judgement.

(2) It's even more funny when a friend tries an 'experimental' gun, or some other variation on the theme, and you get to video their pain while not sharing it.  If you were a friend, either (a) you would dissuade your friend from a "Hey, Y'all, Watch This!" moment, or you would have taken the lumps for them.
(oh .... okay.  Perhaps that's not a valid example of firearms abuse.  Cute, though!)

(3) Oh, you don't know how to safely manage a firearm?  Then, perhaps you shouldn't even try!
(Here are videos which which demonstrate these issues)

(see the above video)

(4)   You're an experienced firearms handler, and you still manage to shoot yourself (or someone else)?  maybe you should back off on your "Extreme Training".

Guess what?  You shot yourself?  Yes, you WILL be ridiculed!

Here's the Bottom Line:

If  you use/carry a gun, and you fuck up .. you will be ridiculed.

You may not be as candid as Tex Grebner (and offer yourself up as a good example of a bad example), but you will be ridiculed, even so.

And you should be ridiculed.


Because the common thread is: "These Things Happen".

Note:  These things do NOT  just "happen"!

To say so minimizes the UNIQUE character of (a) people deliberately frightening people away from appreciating the legitimacy of shooting firearms  [witness small people shooting big guns for the first time] and (b)  experienced gunhandlers fucking up Big Time [Tex Grebner: "These Things Happen".]

Anyone here ride a motorcycle?  Show of hands,please?

Anyone here who rides a motorcycle, ever lay one down and get hurt?   Show of hands, please?

THESE things do happen.  Scooters are subject to a lot of 'external influences', such as finding a gravelled or oily spot on the road.  Motorcycles fall over, these things happen.

Guns don't go off if you don't pull the fucking trigger.  These things do NOT "happen" .. people make them happen!

Yes, there are a few exceptions to that rule.  Witness The Drawstring Deputy.

But .. these things don't "happen".  They are the result of a momentary lapse of attention.

They happen because somebody put their finger on the trigger.

They happen because the four basic rules of firearms safety were not observed.

They happened because somebody fucked up.  And if you don't like the vernacular, perhaps you can find a better way to describe a terribly irresponsible lack of judgement.

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