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Just like a bad neighbor, Microstamping is still there

"Microstamping" is a technique which will invariably, under all circumstances, positively stamp information about the gun which fired a specific cartridge (supposedly recovered at a Crime Scene) and thus lead the police to solve the crime.

The only problem is .. it doesn't work.

Other than that, it's perfect!

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is at the top of the list.  Why?  Not because it has any hope of stopping gun violence, but because it eliminates the shipment of new guns to at least two states:

California, and New York.  (More to come?)

Let's look at the arguments for Microstamping.  At the top of the list is CSGV:

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence - Microstamping

If you look only at the surface information provided there, it seems like a reasonable proposition.  All the gun manufacturers need to do is to provide microscopic data which identified the firearm which fired the cartridge.  This information will be stamped on both the primer and the base of the brass (although the people who advocate this legal measure are admittedly not sure of the nomenclature, which is a telling fault) and Voila!  You can know who fired the shot!

Well, not quite.  First, you have to prove that the person who originally bought the firearm is still in possession of it.  Firearms are traded, bought and sold, and stolen on a regular basis.  But pointing this out is facetious, we're told.

Second, you need to remember that if ALL guns are required to Microstamp fired ammunition, then ALL guns will imprint on their ammunition.  What if the ammunition has been recovered (say, from a public shooting range), then it's possible or probably that it has been fired at least once already, and then reloaded.  So the microstamping may provide more than one imprint.

But wait!  Microstamping Technology would imprint on both the base of the cartridge, and also on the primer.  We can't re-use primers when we reload; no problem.

But wait .. how hard is it to replace the firing pin in a semi-automatic pistol (which is the only platform which is mandated to emboss the data on the primer)?

Not hard at all.  In fact, most people who shoot a lot (eg: competitive shooters) replace firing pins "frequently".  Will the replacement firing pin also carry the mandated identification information?  The current laws, in the states which require Microstamping (California and New York) say NOTHING about the need for replacement parts to stamp this information on the primers ... otherwise, if you need to replace your firing pin it would cost not a buck and a half, but much more.  And it would have to be regulated, to ensure that the microstamp matches the firearm's identifying indicators.  Which mean .. uh huh .. REGISTRATION!

But that's okay; if you're an honest person,you shouldn't fear REGISTRATION because it most definitely does not lead to CONFISCATION.  Well, unless you live in New York.  Or California.

No big deal. That's just two of the top four most populated states in the country:

California (#1) has  39 million people, for 12,16% of the population  and New York has 20 million for 6.2% (#4) ... a mere total of 59 million, and 18.36% of America.  A mere bagatelle,not even worth speaking about.

But remember:  as Main Goes (#41, 1.3 million), so goes the nation.  But Maine isn't banning guns which are not microstamped!

Going back to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (see above), you see the following youtube video:

(This is where the interviewee doesn't know anything about the nomenclature of ammunition, but he's very sure about what he thinks.)

HOWEVER a March 21, 2015 article in the UK Daily Mail suggests that Microstamping is causing problems for makers, sellers and owners of guns.  Essentially, makers won't abide by the California/NY restrictions, so they can't ship guns to those states.  And the residents of NY and CA can't buy new guns, because they are no longer available on the market.

Which is exactly what these two states had anticipated ... and desired.

It's not about Gun Safety, or Solving Crimes.  It's about a blatant abridgment of the Second Amendment.

These states have no shame.  They will do anything to stop the flow of guns to their citizens.

They think that less guns = less crime.  In fact, less guns available to honest citizens makes these same honest citizens more vulnerable to criminals.   These felons .. guess what?  They don't pay any attention to the laws (which is why they are called "criminals"), and they will get any guns they want.

And they'll probably pay less for these guns than the citizens would have payed for 'legal' guns .. if they were still legal.

So if you live in California or New York .. GET OUT!  NOW!  WHILE YOU STILL CAN!  Where you live is about to become a much more dangerous place to live.

But the Liberatards are happy, because they can be seen to have Done Something About Gun Violence.

Unfortunately, what they have done is to make matters worse.

The REALLY bad news?

They'll probably all be re-elected.

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It fits in with the left's view of crime control.