Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Security breach at USPSA

Email to members from USPSA:

We have become aware of a security breach
r Security issue

We have become aware of a security breach that happened on within the last 24 hours. The USPSA login database was compromised and at least a partial list of usernames and passwords were exposed. USPSA staff has taken steps to address the vulnerability and we have changed the system to ensure this type of attack will not be effective in the future. Members are encouraged to change their passwords on USPSA.ORG and any other web site for which they used the same password. 

It is important to note that the breach did not involve the credit card processing system or any financial data.  All credit card processing is done using a separate industry standard secure vendor - no credit card information is stored on the USPSA server.

We will keep the membership updated as more information is available.

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Anonymous said...

This is scary