Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The MAP is not the Terrain!

The Obama Administration has worked hard to convince America that the British National Health Care model is so superior to our (former) "independent provider" model, we have almost forgotten just how BAD the NHC (National Health Care) system really is.

Here's how bad it really is.

Jeremy Hunt: 'I took my children to A&E because I didn't want to wait for GP appointment' - UK Politics - UK - The Independent:

Jeremy Hunt has admitted taking his children to accident and emergency [A&E] because he did not want to wait for a GP appointment. The Health Secretary has spoken numerous times to urge the public to avoid A&E departments in all but the most urgent cases and turn to pharmacies, doctors’ surgeries and walk-in centres instead. But speaking during today’s health questions in the House of Commons, he appeared to go against his own advice. Mr Hunt said: “I took my own children to an A&E department at the weekend precisely because I did not want to wait until later on to take them to see a GP.”
[added by editor for clarification]

The Future of Obamacare

The problems with a National Health Care System (ake: Obamacare .. or earlier, Hillarycare" are threefold:

(1) Somebody has to pay for it
(2) It's run by the Government
(3) It completely ignores the advantages of capitalism

One:  Obamacare makes the young people pay for the old people
Two: When has ANY project prospered in a capitalistic sense when run by the Government?  (NEVER!)
Three: Capitalism embraces the theory that when there's a profit involved, the provider will make whatever adjustments are possible as long as the cash flow continues.  In Obamacare, the program continues even though it shows itself to be robbing Peter to pay Paul.  This is a "Zero Sum" game.

And as this example (see above) clearly shows, even the politicians who are touting this Ponzi Scheme are marginally smart enough to understand that if the benefits are not supported by the costs, it's not only un-manageable, but ultimately it's not the BEST possible solution to the vaguely defined problem.

When it comes to Health Care, we want to have our family have the best possible therapy available within the margin of timely care.

Clearly, neither Great Britain's NHC (National Health Care) nor Obama Care fit within the these critical parameters.

Even though both NHC programs have been touted to be viable solutions, and they look good on paper (thousands of pages of paper!) ... the administrators and the politicians recognize that it's not the best solution when their own families are concerned.

Looks Good vs Feels Good

One of the main "Life Lessons" I learned while serving in Viet Nam is "The Map is not The Territory".

That means that the available information usually bears not even a passing resemblance to reality.  When navigating through the jungles, we use maps (usually 1:50,000 scale --- we were tickled pink when we got 1:25,000 scale!) which allowed us to see the terrain in which we would be operating.

Sadly, even though the maps were usually based on photo-flights (airplanes which took pictures of the ground), usually the dimensions were skewed by 'photo interpreters' who just made their "best guess" of the actual elevations, vegetation, etc. (CF: Hamburger Hill)

So we used the maps as a general guide, but we did NOT believe them!

And they never learned otherwise!  (Or else, they chose not to .. for purely political reasons.) That's another lesson WE learned, we who climbed the hills and waded the swamps. The Powers That Be paid no attention to the Reality we learned at the cost of our friends.

Imagine my surprise when I came home and discovered that this lesson was not only applicable to day-to-day life ... but that Politics was the art of developing a "map" of America ... and then relying on it without recourse to actual feet-on-the-ground experience.

When we consider the benefits to our families, we begin to understand that the View from The Sky is just another "Pie In The Sky" Ponzi Scheme.

This isn't good for us. It's not good for the Nation.  And it's not good for our families.

You might as well bend over now, buddy.  This isn't just another colo-rectal scan.

It's The American Government coming home to roost.  Permanently.


Mark said...

watch any British movie or TV show and look at their teeth.

Anonymous said...

Government health care = great power and control by government bureaucrats. What isn't to like about that?