Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gun Sales Surge in St. Louis Suburbs Ahead of Jury's Ferguson Decision - NBC

"We're selling everything that's not nailed down," (gun store owners declare .. which may prove to be an economic boon to save Colt Manufacturing LLC from bankruptcy.)

It's an old story, reminiscent of the surge in gun sales when Barack Obama was elected President.

You never need a gun, until you really need one.  That's the story.

Apparently, folks in the Saint Louis area expect they will 'really need one'.


Riots, of course.   Also known as "Civic Disturbances" (not to be confused with "Civil Unrest" because there's nothing 'civil' about a Race Riot), the population expects that police officer Whatshisname will be acquitted of murder charges, and the fine, gentle Citizens (much like Michael Brown was a 'gentle giant'?) will be tossing beer barrels, overturning police cruisers and torching Korean grocery stores.

Unless the Koreans have their AK47's handy.  Which may evince more protection of private property than will the PO-lice and their MRAPs (or whatever ...)


  1. Islam is the Nation of Peace!
  2. Obama to enforce Immigration Laws!
  3. "Global Warming" is now "Global Cooling"
Well, one out of three ain't bad, in the Teens of the 21st Century.

File this under: "What a Maroon!"


Anonymous said...

The media is helping to stoke the flames in Ferguson. Some are claiming that Blacks' rioting, looting and burning is an entitlement that belongs to them because they are so oppressed.

Anonymous said...

According to the media, even the cops are advising people to buy a gun to protect themselves after the decision comes down.

Anonymous said...

Dead and dying polar bears should tell us something.

Anonymous said...

Based upon the news reports, the people are out shooting those guns they bought