Friday, October 31, 2014

Quick Question For Gun Control Advocates

#1 Why Do You Care? Quick Question For Gun Control Advocates - YouTube

In the 2009-2010 period, "this guy" presented 26 videos (there may be more) lasting 2 minutes or less asking "Quick Questions for Gun Control Advocates".

I sent though them all, and I was impressed by the straight-talk manner of his presentations.

If you are interested, go walk though the series of short videos.

Or not.

Here's the first one, just to get you started.

PS:  If anyone has more information about "this guy", let me know.  I'd like to shake his hand.


Mark said...

While this guy makes common sense, the libs will not answer the questions. They will change the subject. It is what they do when confronted with logic. It is because for them it is an emotional issue. But then, it is emotional for me too. I love guns!

Anonymous said...

The libs have the strength of their convictions and beliefs. You will not change them, they are not open to discussion.