Sunday, October 26, 2014

Family -- The Jig Is Up!

My Favorite Daughter-In-Law (Mrs. Squidkid) texted me today with the astonishing news that she JUST discovered I have a blog!

It hasn't been a big secret .. I've been writing nonsense and other opinions here for ten years as of December the 4th.   My daughter knows about it (and sometimes read this opinionated trash; I think she gets bored).

My sister knows my shameful secret, too.  I doubt she visits often; our interests do not always coincide; nor do our politics.  

 Now that Mrs. Squidkid knows, I would have to be more careful when I rant .. except every one of the 2,530 articles I have written are available in archive.  So .. screw that.  It just never occurred to me to mention it.  I'm often embarrassed the next morning when I read what I wrote the night before, but I'm not ashamed.

Those of you who have also blogged for a while, has it ever occurred to you to tell friends and family that you are A Blogger?

Me?  I have a small handful of people who read me often, and others who find me here as a result of in internet search they have performed.

Mrs. Squidkid did that .. her teen-age daughter (her name is ELIZABETH, dammit, not LIZZIE!) was scheduled to go to the Oregon school that got shot up the other day(that night, not during the day) but that inter-scholastic was cancelled.  Favorite-Daughter-In-Law was surprised when during her search on related articles  she found my one on website .. with my photo.

Sorry, Missus S.Q. -- I wasn't trying to keep secrets.  It just never occurred to me to mention it.

Now that you're here, I expect to see my readership stats to soar.    Don't disappoint me .. my will is a Work In Progress!

(family joke)


Anonymous said...

Your blog is widely know and entertaining to many.

Mark said...

I keep mine clean and do not worry about embarrassing myself.