Friday, October 31, 2014

Makes you glad to be an American!

TSA Confiscates Raygun Belt Buckle BECAUSE TERRORISM! - Hit & Run :

I pointed out that even if it was a "replica", which is dubious, it would be a replica of a fictional weapon used by Flash Gordon... Which, you know, makes confiscation of the belt buckle even MORE insane than it already was.

Is there a point when absurdity becomes reasonable?

Maybe .. especially when even REASON magazine treats a TSA confrontation as ludicrous.

In this case .. the writer attempts to board an airplane with a 'RAY GUN" replica belt-buckle in his luggage .. and the TSA in charge attempts  to confiscate it.  Because it is .. you know .. a "replica" of a firearm, and therefore banned.

(NOT, we should emphasize, a replica of an existing firearm.  A replica of an imaginary firearm.)

Alternative title:
TSA and "Belt Buckle" Reasoning .. from REASON!

I'm just amazed that REASON would find this ... unreasonable.

I know, I should have filed this under the heading: "Massacre Thwarted"!

But even I have limits to my sarcasm!

[H/T: Say Uncle]


Anonymous said...

TSA actions may at times seem strange, but they are all that stands between us and terrorism. They are protecting us, and just doing their jobs. Obey the TSA for you life may depend upon them.

Anonymous said...

Hand blasters are much more deadly than a mere chemical fueled projectile weapon.