Thursday, June 19, 2014

Guns For Me, No Guns For You - Part 2

Anti-Gun Group Moms Demand Action Marches on the Brooklyn Bridge With Armed Security | Right Wing News:
(June 19, 2014)
Moms Demand Action is the notorious anti-gun group made up of loons who say ridiculous things like, a good guy with a gun has never, ever stopped a bad guy with a gun. Makes you wonder, then, why they would feel the need to have security guards armed with big, bad guns accompany them on their anti-gun march over the Brooklyn Bridge...
Go, look;  they have pictures!

Have I ever mentioned my disgust of the Hypocracy of Liberals?

Oh.  Right.  I have.

Last Month, it was "The Brady Campaign" and "Washington Ceasefire" who doubted the credibility of the "NO FIREARMS ALLOWED" sign on the door of Town Hall Seattle building.

The only guns allowed there were carried by the armed security hired to protect Gross and Fascitelli.

One might almost believe that this cognitive dissonance is endemic to the Liberal Left.   It's certainly characteristic of peope who arbitrarily want to take away the rights of others.

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