Friday, February 08, 2013

"I don't want him to come into the house!"

1 dead after Las Vegas homeowner opens fire on intruders | Fox News:

One of three men who allegedly broke into a Las Vegas home was reportedly killed by the homeowner, who opened fire on the group. Fox 5 reports that Mark Schwendener knew his family’s security was jeopardized when he noticed a stranger lurking around his west Las Vegas home early Monday. 
"He was coming this way,” he told the station. “My family was screaming and crying. My daughter was screaming and freaking out because she didn't want me to go outside with a gun. I was like, ‘I don't want him to come into the house.
 Schwendener, a recent burglary victim, called 911 before retreating into a bedroom to retrieve a handgun, according to Las Vegas Metro Police. He then fired at least one round at the suspects, prompting them to flee. One of the suspects, however, later identified as a Latino male, died at the scene from a gunshot wound.

Chicago ... you who consider "burglary" to be a "minor crime" ... pay attention, okay?  THIS is the way it works when *(a)* homeowners are 'allowed' to defend their home and family, and *(b)* police response isn't 3-4 business days.

Betcha the Las Vegas statistics for  "home invasion burgularies" go down for a couple of weeks in Las Vegas. (By at least one.)

Goblin Count increased by one;  Hero count increased by one.

I know, this is a gruesome story, but I'm sure you think that the headline  "1 dead after Las Vegas homeowner opens fire on burgulars" is better than "Las Vegas Family of Three Slaughtered During Home Invasion"?

As Mister Rogers might have said:  "I knew you would" .

I wish this guy was MY neighbor.

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