Monday, September 08, 2008

USPSA Nationals

USPSA National Underway in Tulsa, Oklahoma

EDITOR'S NOTE: The USPSA Nationals are underway this week in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Throughout the week, we'll be updating you on the competition. As of deadline last evening, here's the recap of scoring to this point. All scoring incidentally, is in match points. Like all matches, the scores and leaders will change until the final shots are fired.

Production Top Five
Mike Hughes 677.6331
Bradley Hoit 671.9080
Robert Romero 664.0826
Kevin Insco 618.4581
BJ Norris 612.0388

Limited Top Five
Jay Mackey Sr. 812.6919
Matthew Cheely 795.4906
Jay Mackey Jr. 742.9048
Ron Avery 603.8836
Keith Garcia 581.1825

Revolver Top Five
Ricardo Lopez 668.8645
Jerry Miculek 490.0000
Cliff Walsh 404.3729
Allison Verico 387.4486

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