Monday, September 08, 2008

Tim Holm Update

Tim Holm is an Oregon IPSC competitor (and Salem, Oregon, Police Department Law Enforcement Officer) who was gravely injured in a motorcycle accident six weeks ago. The following is an email from a representative of Tim's Department to Mike McCarter, reporting on Tim's condition:

Morning Mike,
I was able to get up to Portland Friday evening and spend some time with Tim and Karen. Tim's spirits are really good. He's in a motorized wheel chair and Tim can zip around on it quite well. He's been out and about learning to maneuver it on the sidewalks and was talking of a trip to PGE Park with others to catch a ball game.

Tim is continuing his physical and occupational therapy sessions and they have gotten him into weight training.

Tim has really improved his arm strength, control and range of motion. He is still working on the fine motor coordination in using his fingers, but it is coming along slowly.

When I got up there Friday, Tim had just finished an afternoon workout, during which he spent 20 minutes on a recumbent bicycle which straps in his feet and has power to the wheel to assist with the leg motion. Tim said he was able to feel his feet and leg muscles from the exercise, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that with the workouts, that it is helping his spinal cord recover and send control signals.

Tim's attitude is really up, we talked a lot of getting back to a point where he'll be able to shoot and this is one of Tim's big motivational tools.

Overall, Tim is busting his tail to do everything he can to get back to where he was. Time will tell. Its really good to see him bucking up to the challenges as opposed to just sitting around.

But you and I both know Tim and that's not the type of person he is.

Take Care,

Lt. Jim Anglemier
Community Response Section
Dept. Range Master
Salem Police Dept.

Those of us who know Tim from his ISPC competition are looking forward to his full recovery. He has been an aggressive competitor, and with God's help will be again.

We'll keep you informed.

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