Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BobALoo in Paradise

At the 2008 Croc Match, I wandered onto Bay 5 (stage: "Paradise Island") just in time to watch Grand Master Yong Lee shoot an absolutely brilliant stage in Production (9.2 stage points ahead of 2nd Prod Chuck Anderson, also a GM in Prod). I didn't have my camera ready, darnit!

When he came off the stage I talked to Yong Lee and expressed my disappointment at not having captured his run. (In fact, I missed his every stage performance for the match.)

Bob "Bob-A-Loo" Loo was "In The Hole" to shoot the stage, and Yong suggested that I film him. That sounded like a good idea, so I did. I've squaded withBob-A-Loo in a couple of Crazy Croc and Section matches, and I have always enjoyed watching him shoot.

The YouTube video (see here, and see below) demonstrates the importance of pace, confidence, accuracy and rhythm in shooting, especially in these high-round-count stages. Watch his reloads.

I think what we can best learn from this video is the importance of having a certain sense of urgency, without becoming frantic. Too many shooters concentrate on pushing themselves to 'go fast'. Bob is one of those excellent shooters who, in Brian Enos terms, 'focus' on what they are doing.

When I watch Yong Lee shoot, I'm reminded of a prize-fighter: float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Bob's technique is subtly but significantly different: he's a ballroom dancer, who flows from place to place and is never off-balance.

When I grow up, I hope I can shoot like Bob-A-Loo.


[PS: excuse the frenetic background music, "Robin's Egg Blues", by Neal Hefty -- from the Television Series "BATMAN". I thought it captured the rhythm of the shooting, not the rhythm of the movement, and would work better with the soundtrack. Also, some of the change-ups choreographed well with the action.]

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